Work Experience plus English Lessons in the fields of Tourisim, Hospitality, Retail & General Service Industries

School : Specialty Language Centre

Program : General English (12 weeks full time / 15 weeks
P P P P P P part time) + work experience (8 weeks)

Entry requirement : Upper intermediate level of English
P P P P P P P P P P P proficiency

Process : In an initial interview, students are required to present their resumes and if available, reference letters from their previous employers. The students and the Consultant will discuss the type of work which may be available to the student. Based on their professional experience, the Consultant will decide whether they can help the student in finding a job. After an interview with an employer, which is arranged by Consultant, the student may decide whether or not to accept the offer.

Recent Placements

GHilton Hotel (Marketing/PR) GMerril Lynch (Investment banking)
GGowings (Purchasing/Buying) GHewlett Packard (Information Technology)
GMushroom Records (Advertising) GAmnesty International (social Work)
GSydney Water (Human resources) GWestpac Bank (Finance)
GSTA Travel (Travel consultant) GPhilips (Marketing/Product Management)
GSBS Television (Television/Radio) GKPMG (Accounting)
GSydney Weekly (Journalism) GNicky's Kids Town (Child Care)
GNRMA (Insurance)  

※ A tourist visa holder studies and works in an unpaid position usually for less than 3 months. Most of their work are in a community centre, working on community projects and projects to help disadvantaged people in the community. A student visa holder are able to work for 20 hours a week (paid or unpaid) and full time during their semester breaks.