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JMC Academy는 호주에서 가장 큰 예능 전문 교육 기관이며 2007년부터는 시드니와 멜번 캠퍼스에서 자체 학사 과정도 제공합니다.

Diploma of Digital Television Production Film and TV Industry / The Studio System / Electronics / Digital TV Production / Lighting / Editing Process / Communication in the Production Environment / Directing and Performance 등
Associate Degree of Digital Television Production
Bachelor of Creative Technology (Digital Television Production)
Advanced Diploma of Screen

Diploma of Digital Media Computer Operations Fundamentals / Internet Applications and Writing / Computer Graphics, Text and Publishing / 2D Graphics and Animation / Sound and vision Integration 등
Associate Degree of Digital Animation
Bachelor of Creative Technology (Digital Animation)
Advanced Diploma of Multimedia

Diploma of Audio Engineering & Sound Production Audio Industry / Audio and Acoustics Theory / The Recording System / Electronics / Transducers / Signal Processors / Recording Mediums / MIDI Fundamentals / Music Editing for Picture 등
Associate Degree of Audio Engineering & Sound Production
Bachelor of Creative Technology (Audio Engineering & Sound Production)
Advanced Diploma of Music (Technical Production)

Diploma of Popular Music & Performance Music Industry / Music Literacy / Keyboard Musicianship / Music Influences / Writing and Arranging / Music Technology / MIDI Music Systems / Movement / Performance Technique / Performance Technique 등
Associate Degree of Popular Music & Performance
Bachelor of Entertainment (Popular Music & Performance)
Advanced Diploma of Music

Diploma of Entertainment Business Management Music Industry / Communication and Presentation / Computing / Business Behaviour / Music Industry Business Principles / Accounting Fundamentals / Copyright / Music Publishing 등
Associate Degree of Entertainment Business Management
Bachelor of Entertainment (Business Management)
Advanced Diploma of Music Industry (Business)