The Make-up Glamour Technicians School of Make-up은 1985년 설립된 시드니 3대 메이컵 전문 학교 중 하나로 아름다운 해변과 가까운 Bondi Juction에 위치하고 있습니다. 현재 1000 여명의 졸업생들이 호주를 비롯한 전세계 영화, TV, 연극, 특수 분장, 사진, 패션업계에서 활발히 활동중입니다.


Certificate IV in Make-up (1년)
Diploma in Make-up (2년)

  Develop and apply industry knowledge
Implement workplace health, safety and security procedures
Design, apply and remove period and specialized make-up
Design, apply and remove special effects Make-up
Design, apply and remove Make-up
Dress hair for a performance or production
Dress (style) wigs
Maintain make-up continuity
Maintain wigs and hairpieces
Address legal and administrative requirements
Conduct a brifeing
Make presentations
Conduct research
Develop and implement an operational plan
Develop a budget
Manage a budget
Manage a project